Our aim is to achieve the consistent availability of your business with minimal downtime, Scheduled or ad-hoc maintenance and 24/7 emergency technical support

DC-FM have the capability of assembling repair teams with rapid responses when needed. Our technicians are highly trained in the latest advancements to provide adequate safety measures for your key facilities.

Minimize downtime, improve asset lifespan

Having a preventive maintenance plan is vital in minimising downtime and lengthening asset lifespan. Every hour lost is an hour lost in revenue. DC-FM is committed to ensuring your key business facilities are at its optimum performance.

Expert diagnosis and reporting

As an authorised partner of Hioki, our staff undergo stringent training in regards to equipment knowledge and technical problem-solving. Fused with years of field experience, it enables them to quickly identify and resolve problems. Hence, implementing pre-emptive measures for commonly-known issues.